Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera Price Cut

Actually, without any price discount Pocket Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera output has been relatively low for a video camera. That’s when weighing the video quality produced by the ‘pocket camera’ is.

pocket cinema cameraBut if that was not enough, Blackmagic Design has just circumcise Pocket Cinema Camera prices up by nearly half. If before the camera was sold at a price of USD 995, now costs just USD 495.

This rebate is only valid until August 31, after which the price will return to normal.

For the videographer who already have a collection of lenses or adapters for mounting the Micro Four Thirds, this rebate should be enough to attract attention.

The main advantage of the Pocket Cinema Camera is a high dynamic range, ie up to 13 stops. This can be achieved if the user record video in ProRes 422 format or CinemaDNG.

As the name implies, the Pocket Cinema Camera dimensions are very small when compared to other video cameras. Despite its small and weighs only 355 grams, it does not mean limited connectivity. Pocket Cinema Camera has a micro HDMI port, mic input, headphone port is also integrated in the body.

Uber, Startup Minimalist maximum turnover

Until last year, at least Uber already operates in 26 countries and 60 cities. Uber CEO Travis Kalanick does have ambitious targets, which are present in the city in two weeks.

Results swerved proved fruitless. Uber including minimalist company is able to produce maximum profit. In the last year alone, Uber already making a profit EUR 213 million.

ubercolumbus new startupOne such advantage is gained from the results with the percentage of 80% for vehicle owners and the rest is given to Uber. Uber does not have its own fleet and operational arguably not spent too much.

Apart from the controversy, Uber is constantly evolving from the user side. Noted, Uber never reached 398 thousand new signups every week.

These applications also have received 1 million orders in each week. Not surprisingly, Uber never grabbed 11% profit growth in the next 5 weeks.

Uber is currently being intensively to expand. The company is based in San Francisco, the United States has issued a $ 1.4 billion investment.

Uber indeed close to the controversy. Some of them, the pros and cons of the taxi route permit to ever hit a 6-year olds during the celebration of the new year. But they managed to get a $ 1.2 billion fund.

Duel Fujifilm Mirrorless Camera vs. Sony

Talking about mirrorless cameras, the longer the current trend is Sony and Fujifilm mirrorless camera. The second main difference is the design of the system.

Fuji camera adopts the design of analog cameras / film and rangefinder, where many tangible camera control wheel (dial), levers and buttons. While Sony is more modern and more like a DSLR camera but the shape is more compact and lighter.

camera mirrorlessProblem tactical control, Fuji has wheel / dial to set the ISO, and shutter speed that is above the camera, and the aperture is set by turning the aperture ring on the lens, just like the movie camera / analog. For those who frequently use the manual mode dial this will certainly help and feel enjoy to operate this camera.

Fuji has a collection of more lenses than Sony E lenses for mirrorless, but not yet complete. Most prices range between U.S. $ 6-12 million.

One that I often hear from the user’s friends Fuji is the process of JPG photo Fuji looks more natural and gives the impression of nostalgic films. Perhaps because the experience of Fuji that has been decades in the film era.

On the other hand, the Sony camera design looks more modern and more like a DSLR camera. Change the exposure settings like shutter speed and aperture using a dial wheel like a DSLR camera.

In some types of intermediate-advanced cameras such as A6000 and A7, many buttons that can be customized as desired and user habits

Finally, the BlackBerry Personal Digital Assistant Got

Almost all smartphone platforms has long has its virtual assistant. Like Apple has Siri, Google with Google Now, and last Cortana Microsoft.

However, the BlackBerry seems to hold the principle of better late than not at all. That’s because shortly BlackBerry users will also have its own digital assistant.

blackberry assistantceThat feature is called BlackBerry Asisstant, which will be released in conjunction with BlackBerry OS 10.3. In its official blog, showing off some skill BlackBerry BlackBerry Assistant, which is approximately the same as a virtual assistant on other platforms.

BlackBerry Assistant will be ordered to launch an application, send messages, and make phone calls just by voice commands. In addition, it can also be commanded to search emails, or calendar, or even looking for a trending topic on Twitter.

In driving mode, it can be instructed to read the incoming email. BlackBerry users can also ask for a permanent Assistant mark unread email with labels.

Such a feature seems is projected to increase work productivity, as predicted when promoting BlackBerry BlackBerry Passport.

“Combine this new feature (Assistant) on OS 10.3 with touch screen 1440×1440 pixels belonging Passport, also with a touch-enabled keyboard, then your career should be look nice,” wrote the BlackBerry at the end of the blog post.

U.S. Army Test Google Advanced Robot Big Dog

Big Dog is made ​​in advanced military robots Boston Dynamics, the company that has now been acquired by Google. After several years of development, the Big Dog recently tested toughened by the U.S. Army (USA).

Big Dog SoftwareBig Dog is designed capable of carrying heavy loads and capable of running on rough terrain. Even when no slip, the robot is able to balance itself quickly so as not to fall.

Some U.S. troops tested the robot on-site training Kahuku Training Area. Big Dog is operated by remote control by controlling a soldier named Brandon Dieckman.

I was surprised at how well the robot is working. I think it would be easy to fall, but apparently not. He can roam almost anywhere.

“We gave the military the opportunity to try it out so we can see how they use them. We can develop better,” said Ben Spies from Boston Dynamics”. Said Ben Spies From Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics which Google acquired in late 2013 and did not make robots for the commercial market. They earn millions of dollars of contracts from the U.S. Department of Defense.

Johansson Already Writing 2.7 Million Articles in Wikipedia

Maybe you’ve never heard of  Sverker Johansson, but if you’ve read the Swedish language Wikipedia pages, or the Philippines, there is a chance you’ve read the article artificial Johansson.

sverker johanssonYes, Sverker Johansson is a volunteer who has served as a writer on Wikipedia during the previous seven years.

Swedish men aged 53 this year at least 2.7 million has been writing articles for Wikipedia. According to Wikimedia analytics, monitoring site traffic Wikipedia, Johansson is the most prolific author of the article on Wikipedia.

Topics article mainstay Johansson is cataloging species of animals, especially butterflies and beetles. Johansson is currently living in Sweden with his wife is Filipino. So it was not surprising that two-thirds of the article in Wikipedia using Filipino language, while the rest use the Swedish language.

As reported by the Wall Street Journal, Johansson himself was also having a college degree, ie linguistic, civil engineering, economics, and physics. He claimed to have interested in many ways.

But apparently, in filling in the Wikipedia article, Johansson assistance of a computer program – often referred to as bots -. The program is named Lsjbot developed by Johansson.

The workings of this Lsjbot like a search engine that automatically collect information from a variety of digital sources, which are then sewn into an article. Johansson claimed that Lsjbot could produce about 10 thousand articles each day.