Ad Blocker Browser Now Available on Android

Ad blocker application on Android platform made AdBlock Plus formerly had circulated in the Android app store, Play Store. The application was then banned by Google and deleted.

adblock browser

Now, AdBlock Plus AdBlock browser release, applications in the Android browser that counteract any ads displayed on web pages.

However, Adblock Browser to now could not be downloaded from the Play Store app store. Users who are interested must first join the group Google Plus and follow the instructions to download it.

In addition to providing ad blocker browser application on Android, the company also hopes in the future could release it in the iOS version.

AdBlock browser has default settings that would block any ads that are considered not in accordance with specific guidelines ads can be displayed.

Company developers have had the white list automatically will not block ads on some specific sites in accordance with defined criteria, which are not classified as intrusive (intrusive).

In addition, users also have the option to block all ads through the application settings.

AdBlock browser is not built from scratch, but instead uses a version of the Mozilla Firefox browser, so that it looks like a mobile browser.

“By making this browser, aims to get the freedom to integrate ad blocker as the main feature. The purpose of this browser is to build a solid browser with integrated ad blocker nice.

Twinkling Mousepad ‘Fireflies’ Razer

When talking about the mousepad, certainly that first comes to mind is the comfort gamer. The second is the uniqueness factor. Such mousepad has just been released by Razer’s.

firefly mousepad

Unique mousepad is usually a pride for gamers who competed in front of the audience when to enter the competition. This is what trying wants to be accommodated by the manufacturers of accessories from the United States with the release of Razer Firefly.

Yes, as the name suggests, the Firefly which means firefly, the Razer brand-new mousepad is equipped with LEDs in three parts: left, right, and bottom. When observed, Firefly is using the exact same lights used by previous Razer products, keyboards Chroma. The three lights can be synchronized with one another, resulting in LED light that varies.

“Razer Firefly opened a new category in the family Crhoma. We have designed the Firefly is the best components for the gaming mouse mats, the latest, and filled with modifications designed Crhoma light. No one is saying you can not win with style.

To be able to bring Firefly, you have to spend at least USD 60. Prices are claimed to be equivalent to a mousepad with 16.8 million color adjustment and optimization of reflex movements.

For its size alone, Firefly spans approximately the size of 14 inch to 10 inch with a thickness of 0.16 inches (355 mm x 255 mm x 4 mm). Weighing itself is said to be up to 1 kg and has a 2-meter USB cable.

Starting A Powder Coating Business

If you’re thinking about starting a powder coating business, there are a few tips to keep in mind so that it can be successful. Some of the parts that you might need for the business can be purchased used online.

powder coating

Before you start the business, you need to understand the process of powder coating. You can learn more online or by reading books with all of the information about applying paint in a powder form to various metals. This is a method that is commonly used when painting car parts. The first thing you need to find is the location for the business. This should be a place that has a good bit of ventilation as the fumes can irritate the respiratory system. You also need the proper spray equipment. A variety of guns is ideal to have so that you can paint small items as well as those that are large in size. You also need an oven in order to dry the parts after they are painted. This is sometimes called curing. Something to keep in mind is that you can’t really mix colors, so you need to have a good selection of paints for customers to choose from.

Favorite Game in Google Play This Month

Google Play app market note there are some games that favored by the user to this month. One of the favorite games are larvae of Heroes (Lavengers 2014).

game app favorite

Larvae Heroes is a game that makes the larvae cartoon character became a hero to save the city. He fought with his friends to protect the city from attack evil creatures.

A number of enemies coming from the black hole slit open from the sky. The larvae feel disturbed by their presence for stealing their favorite sausage to find the source of new life. To sum up the story of this game is similar to the story of the Avengers.

You can download it for free in the Google Play Store app market. It takes Android version 2.3 or higher to download this game.

In addition, you also have to provide an empty space 77 MB to install this game. This game has been downloaded 1 to 5 million times in the Play Store and last updated on 30 April 2015.

NASA Create Robot squid Investigate Alien Underwater

US space research institute NASA, announced the completion of preparations in robot squid to crawl under the sea. Robots will roam the oceans claimed under or inside to check for signs of alien life.

NASA robot squid

Robot squid which was introduced under the name ‘Robosquid’ is assigned to find signs of alien life. Researchers revealed that the sea areas of Europe that has a depth of approximately 62 miles or 100 kilometers, has the alien life.

Robosquid disclosed created as well as a squid giant, with short antennas on the back. The tools used to harvest electricity emitted in electromagnetic waves of the sea floor, used as energy supply robot.

Robosquid development is one of 15 proposals that the proposed NASA Innovative Advanced Concept (NIAC) stage 1. The proposal submitted to study the underwater life in Europe, to analyze signs of life alien or aliens.

This program is also made to analyze alien life, and be able to transform science fiction into scientific fact through the development of pioneering technology. “Recent options include a number of interesting concept,” said Steve Jurczyk, Administrator of the Association for Space Technology Mission Directorate (STMD) NASA in Washington.

The launch of the program is also proposed to use a software robot to be able to carry out the mission well. NASA claims revealed that only a soft robot, like this Robosquid can complete the mission can not be achieved with a robot that uses a conventional electrical system.

“We proposed architecture for European rover and other planetary environments where soft robotics, allowing to carry out scientific investigations. Because the robot or human, powered by solar or nuclear sources, it will not be able to achieve, “explained researcher.

Thred, How to Make Instant Meme

Will Wright, the figure behind The Sims and SimCity not only like to make a game application. Wright has recently created a new application called thred. This application promises users the creative in a different way.

thred app

Thred similar to other photo sharing application that allows users to edit their photos with filters, stickers, frames and add captions. Which makes it claimed to be different, thred can create and share ‘multi-image stories’.

Multi-image stories or thred itself is a function of making a collection of photographs like a virtual scrapbook or photo album with a link.

“Thred is a direct evolution of my interest in crowdsourcing, online communities and devices that expand the imagination,” said Wright.

When creating a new thred, users can search for images in applications over the web, using existing photos in the gallery a new smartphone or snap photos.

The new digital photo album available for iOS devices users can also add location information to tell a friend or follower where you are. To make it look more attractive, the user may give him the sticker, text and filter. Before the split, the user can add a hashtag, tag other users and provide a caption.

Other features, there are feed to seek thred posted other users by searching ‘recent’ or ‘popular’, or can also search for posts based on topics of interest.

Wright apparently aiming for a trend make meme among users of social media. He also mentioned the application can be used to make creative content like meme, web comic, a travel diary and content ‘how-to’ to describe the creations of making something.

“One of the key ideas behind thred is a better way to create and consume mobile content. We provide quick and easy access to personal data and global that often we encounter everyday as a material for making creative content,” he said promoted.