Sundar Pichai was awarded the Largest Share Google

sundar phicai

sundar phicai

Google CEO Sundar Pichai will be one of the highest-paid executive of a public company this year, after the Alphabet present it restricted stock valued at USD199 million.

Pichai receive Class C 273 328 shares on February 3 will be given gradually every quarter until 2019 when he worked at Google. This is in accordance with the rules in the company’s Mountain View, California it.

Pichai, who is a former co-founder Larry Page Goole, was appointed to run the search engine unit after the re-establishment of the organization became the parent company Alphabet last year. This award is the largest ever given to a Google executive officer equity grants have been reported in the filing, according to data compiled by Bloomberg. This is the first award Pichai since taking over the enterprise unit and the highest grossing.

Alphabet also provide USD42,8 million in restricted stock for Diane Greene, co-founder and former CEO of software maker VMware is leading the Google cloud business since November. Greene receive equity worth $148 million last year after Google acquired the technology company he founded Bebop Technologies.

In addition, chief financial officer Ruth Porat, who joins from Morgan Stanley last year, received equity worth USD38,3 million to be provided under the same conditions as the award this Pichai.

More YouTube Views Than Facebook

youtube channel

YouTube called the service of an audience of more than Facebook. At least, that’s what Google CEO expressed SundarPichai before investors some time ago.

youtube channel

Pichai said that YouTube users are accustomed to watching video in a fairly long duration. Pichai said that users watch videos up to thousands of hours total each day.

This statement is an affirmation Pichai told investors that YouTube watch more often than Facebook users of social media. Not only that, Pichai also want to respond to a statement like Facebook some time ago about the duration of watching videos on social networking.

Facebook previously revealed that the video services on their platform has been watched up to 8 billion people each day. In fact, for the first time, total videos viewed on Facebook reached 100 million per day.

However, the duration of videos watched Facebook is not comparable with actual conditions. Therefore, Facebook has a feature that allows the auto-play video automatically plays. In addition, Facebook also calculates a video was watched when has played for three seconds. Therefore, it was likely there Facebook users who do not watch a video to completion.

On the other hand, Pichai did not specify the duration of the video that has been viewed on YouTube each day.

However, according to a report from The New York Times in December 2014, stated that the duration of a user to watch a video on YouTube every day more than 300 hours.

Meanwhile, information from reliable sources said that the duration of a user watching YouTube reached 500 million hours per day in July. Google itself also mentions that the watch time YouTube has grown 60 percent from year to year.

How much money spent to buy


In October last year, a student named Ved Sanmay from Babson College in Massachusetts made a startling claim. At that time, he admitted that he had managed to domain name even if only for a minute.


“I hope that an error will occur (when you try to buy the domain But I can actually complete the transaction and the balance on my credit card declined,” said Ved on LinkedIn account.

Believe it or not, the money spent to buy Ved when it was USD 11.99 only. Fortunately, the search engine giant and contact Ved realized as soon as possible.

Ved success (even if only in a matter of minutes) was very interesting Google Security. Ved was immediately offered a sum of cash. According to Ved, the number was not more than USD 10,000.

After months of mystery, it finally revealed the face. Through an article entitled “Google Security Reward 2015”, Google claims to have given cash to the value of USD 6006.13 Ved.

Regardless of the truth claims of Ved, the question is, why the numbers seem odd? The reason Google was not as interesting, such as the nominal pronunciation (at a glance) similar to pronounce the word “Google”.

Another interesting fact, Google will eventually double the amount of the gift of knowing Ved use it to do good with the money donated to the Art of Living Foundation, India.

WhatsApp Will Eliminate Annual Fee

whatsapp update design

One of the most popular chat application, WhatsApp, finally formally removing a subscription fee of US $ 1 per year. This information is published directly by Jan Koum, Chief Executive WhatsApp some time ago.

whatsapp update design

In an occasion in the DLD conference in Bavaria, Koum confirms that the annual registration fee WhatsApp will be removed. This decision and the plan will take effect immediately.

Subscription fee waiver reason this was done because the previous method (subscription fees) was not running well. Through a description of the blog, WhatsApp said there are still many users who do not have a debit or credit card number is also the reason for this change is done.

Therefore, WhatsApp plans to get revenue from the monetization of communication between corporations and individuals. However, given the current already has a parent company WhatsApp, Facebook, earning no longer a top priority.

“Starting this year, we will have tested the tool that allows the user to wear WhatsApp to communicate with the corporation or organization is desirable,” said WhatsApp in a statement through the blog.

Later through this service users can communicate directly with the bank when there is a transaction that indicated a problem, or with airlines when flights are delayed.

This policy change also known to be one way to continue to strengthen WhatsApp markets in developing countries, such as Brazil, Indonesia, and South Africa. The third country is known to have considerable WhatsApp users.

Browsing Incognito Mode in Chrome Not Always Safe

google chrome

When it wants to access the internet for more private in the Google Chrome browser, usually many users will choose to use incognito mode. Therefore, this mode allows browsing on the internet is not stored in the browser history.

google chrome

However, the events experienced by a student of the University of Toronto recently found that not always incognito mode promising surfing privacy.

Is Evan Andersen, who plans to be logged on to play Diablo III, was welcomed by the porn video seen some time ago to use incognito mode in Google Chrome.

Andersen said that he has closed the browser after watching the video. However, upon discovery of an error in drivers from Nvidia GPU, video memory is not erased.

So, when he tried to load the frame buffer, the graphics card instead draw what last used by Google Chrome. In fact, the information should not be stored because it access to incognito mode.

However, Andersen claimed that he could solve the problem. According to him, a patch for the GPU driver can be used to ensure that the buffer always be erased before it is sent to the application.

Furthermore, he explained that it is usually done by the operating system to the CPU RAM. Therefore, it is natural that it also occurs with the GPU. In addition, Andersen said that Google Chrome can remove its GPU resources before stopping.

Nevertheless, a blog created by Andersen, both Google and Nvidia are already aware of these problems. Unfortunately, Google said that it could not be repaired because the incognito mode in Chrome is not designed to protect users from other users on a single computer.

Meanwhile, the NVIDIA explained that the problem is related to memory management that is in the Apple operating system, and not the graphics card NVIDIA. Therefore, the NVIDIA driver has followed the policy of the operating system. Moreover, these problems are also not found in the Windows operating system.

This problem is not a first for Google Chrome. Previously, Google also already know that there is a similar problem occurs for the mobile version of Chrome.

Got Over 10 Million Subscribers, Apple Music Threatens Spotify

apple music

Had left millions of customers while testing is completed, now Apple Music has been gaining momentum back. Even the growing population and were able to beat the performance of the early competitors is Spotify.

apple music

In the early days of his presence, Apple Music is indeed a positive response. No less than 15 million customers to try the service for three months. But when the trial period is completed, the service left a lot of customers.

A total of 8.5 million users of Apple Music in the trial period do not want to subscribe. Leaving only 6.5 million paying subscribers in October.

Currently slowly Apple Music continues to increase subscribers. In a recent report stated that the digital music streaming service has grossed 10 million paying subscribers in the first six months. The amount is even able to beat the achievement of Spotify

However, if the number of paying subscribers totaled Spotify is still on top Apple Music. Carrying up to now, the music service founded by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon it has 20 million paying subscribers.

Although closed to within 10 million subscribers, many predicted Apple would be able to overtake Spotify Music. Mark Mulligan of them, Midia Research analyst, said Apple has the potential to become a leader in the service of music in 2017.

That belief is based on the number of collections owned by the musicians as well as support for Apple Music. Plus the music streaming service has penetrated Android platfrom, which would make it more popular.