Google Block Piracy Site Search

Google will inject new algorithms in search engines. This algorithm ensures that sites containing pirated content is not easy to show up when users search music, movies and other copyright-related content.

GoogleThis step seems to be Google’s answer to the music industry and film piracy accused Google support. This time, Google’s website ranking results will be known in the search results.

“August 2012, the first time we announced it will lower the ranking of sites that contain pirated content. Today we renew that affect the ranking and appearance of a number of sites,” wrote Google Senior Copyright Counsel Katherine Oyama in the official Google blog.

However, as quoted from the site Hitc Tech, Oyama did not mention in detail how the decline in the ranking of a site will affect the appearance of the search results.

Oyama also mentions Google began testing a new ad format that shows links to video services and digital music when users perform keyword searches including downloads, free and watch.

Writing Essay in a Short Amount of Time Easily

essay writerIn our academic career, especially on colleagues and high school, you will face writing assignment countless time on any subject. The writing assignment such as essay writing is the most difficult yet the most useful assignment to improve your understanding about the subject. Essay writing is capable to explore any social, technique and even linguistic problem of some problem and provide solution for that problem. However, writing essay need a good amount of effort, concentration and also time. Sometime, with so many assignments, you don’t have enough energy and time to finish your essay assignment. The solution is hiring essay writing service to help you or you can write your own essay. You don’t need to worry, today I will provide you a step by step guide on how to write a good essay in just a few hours and get A for your assignment.

First you need to write the points of your essay. You need to write the main point of your essay properly on a separate paper. This way, you will be able to organize your main point and make you able to grasp the focus of your essay easily.

The next step is starting to write the introduction for your essay. All you need to do is introduce what kind of topic or subject you want to explain and why you are writing this essay. You need to mention the purpose of the essay and what kind of goal you want to archive by writing this essay. You can start by provide information about the situation and the problem and your opinion about that.

The next step is written the paragraph and main body of your essay according to your main point. You can explore each of the point of your essay and support them with argument, fact or opinion. Make sure that you write them according to the organization of your main point.

The next step is writing the conclusion of the essay. At this point, you need to resume anything you write, the introduction and the main body of your essay after that you need to provide conclusion, solution and also suggestion on your essay. This way, you will be able to write your essay quickly and without hassle.

The next step is making sure to proofread your essay. Spare some of time to reread your essay and edit anything that might be redundant, senseless or unimportant. Check the logic and flow of your essay and make sure that your essay are easy to read and comprehensible.

The next step is taking some rest and goes away from your essay. Make sure you get enough rest and have fun, forget about your essay for minutes and clear your mind. You might want to do other assignment to drive your mind away from your essay.

The next step is doing the last editing. You need to read the whole essay after you take rest and check how your essay was, this way you will be able to get new perspective and new insight for your essay. If your essay is flawlessly readable and make sense, then you are a successful essay writer!

Twitter Want to Be Emergency Communication Tool

Characteristics Twitter is public, informative, real time and can be accessed by mobile, very useful in emergency situations. Twitter wants to cooperate with the Indonesian government into a platform emergency when a disaster occurs.

twitter social network“We really want to do it in Indonesia. Cooperation with first responders and entities in the industry to discuss how to collaborate in disaster recovery,” said Vice President of Global Public Policy Twitter Colin Crowell.

Talking with a number of media in Hotel Mulia, Senayan, Jakarta this week, Colin said countries like Indonesia, require practical communication platform during a disaster. When the crisis is over any disaster, people can use it for dissemination of information.

“We often hear of crisis when a natural disaster. Imagine, when there is an emergency, in a state of anxiety, we must ensure that all affected are in the right direction. Gets the right information”.

He pointed out that when the Haiyan typhoons in the Philippines last year, Twitter collaborated with the Philippine Red Cross offering free advertising credit to disseminate information about services and distribution services to the post-disaster needs of all citizens.

Kirin 925 Chipset Huawei Claims World’s Fastest

Kirin Octa Core processor architecture 925 Huawei claimed as the fastest in the world. On paper, this chipset seems indeed to compete with the other processors in its class.

kirin 925Mentioned Marketing & Solutions Director of the Consumer Business Department Huawei Device BG, octa-core chipset 925 Kirin consists of each of the four major A15 chipset 1.8 GHz and 1.3 GHz chipset tiny A7 activated in different configurations.

This processor is very clever. Active will depend tailored to the needs of the application or use of certain functions, so they can save up to 50% battery.

Kirin 925 chipset will also automatically add cores are used when detecting the use of each core has reached 85% to 95% of capacity respectively.

The most prominent advantages, this technology embedded LTE chipset Cat6. With this technology, the download speed 100% faster. Can reach 300Mbp.

LTE Cat6 said could make the handset to download HD-quality movies in less than 30 seconds (assuming a 1GB HD movie file). So far, the closest competitor is the Samsung Exynos Cat4 LTE download speeds than 3G 50% (30%).

Ascend Mate 7 became the first smartphone to use the new technology chipset. This was released last September the Indonesian market soon.

Kirin closer the 925 chipset, see the following video.

Advantages and disadvantages of the DSLR vs. Mirrorless Camera

A few months back I had the opportunity to try a lot of variety both DSLR and mirrorless cameras.

When testing the mirrorless camera, I found the image quality of mirrorless cameras that have a lot of equivalent compared to a DSLR camera.

mirrorless cameraBut each has a different character. Maybe this information can help those who are still looking for a new digital camera or are considering moving the camera system.

Some of the things that makes me like using the camera mirrorless namely:

  • High portability: I can bring more lenses without objection. Usually when carrying a set of DSLR system, my bag weighs less than 5 kg. But with mirrorless, total weighing under 3 kg. 2 kg lighter significant when streets away and up the mountain.
  • When shooting street photography in the streets, or human interest, more people do not care so candid photograph better.
  • Mirrorless systems rely on live view and an electronic viewfinder. We can see clearly what the focus and not, can also see a dark light / exposure, histogram, color, special effects clearly. What is seen is what will be obtained. There is no guessing and surprised like in DSLR cameras.
  • High adaptability mirrorless camera, because we could use a long lens or a lens that is not semerek with the adapter. To manually focus more sophisticated than many DSLR cameras because mirrorless cameras have focus peaking feature
  • Can focus on any area, including the area to the edges of the photo frame with ease. In tiitk DSLR camera focus-point usually get together in the middle. Generation mirrorless camera autofocus speed in 2014 has also been rapid.
  • What I miss from the camera when using the camera mirrorless DSLR?
  • The optical viewfinder is more effective (clear, no glare, do not eat battery power) when shooting in extremely bright conditions and dark.
  • The handle is larger and in a more steady when held, especially when using a telephoto zoom lens. Although the current mirrorless cameras provide a wide range of accessories such as a battery grip or Leathercase which I find helpful.
  • Knobs and levers DSLR cameras are usually larger and easier to find and pressed.
  • The battery capacity is higher. One DSLR camera battery at full charge is usually sufficient for a day of sightseeing, while the need for the battery is approximately 2-3 mirrorless camera.
  • Heavy camera can sometimes help, especially when the camera is on a tripod and the wind is quite strong. DSLR camera that weighs heavier inertia is higher so the wind resistance.

From the above experience, I feel both types of cameras are complementary, no type is more superior than others. There is no harm in choosing the shape and specifications of the camera according to the preferences of each.

Facial Modifications with Collagen

Facial-Modifications-with-CollagenThere are many different procedures that plastic surgeons can use to restore and rejuvenate the human face. Facelifts, Botox, brow lifts and many other procedures can all be used to create a more youthful and smooth appearance. Of this group, collagen is undisputedly one of the more popular options for enhancing facial areas.

Collagen is a natural substance produced in the human body HD WALLPAPER that helps to form connective tissue. It also provides hydration and strength for the skin. Collagen is made in less quantity as we age. This reduction results in skin losing its elasticity, softness and tightness. Typical effects include sagging skin, wrinkles on flat plains of the face, as well as deep creases on the forehead and the neck. Both collagen and fat harvested from your own body can be used to plump up these areas that are sagging and creased. Collagen can also be used to plump up thin lips, a personal favorite of many celebrities as you no doubt have noticed!

Collagen is made using collagen harvested from animals, so there is a slight chance that your body may react to it. Also, collagen enhancements are not permanent. You will need to have repeat injections later on to maintain the look that you want. Besides collagen, other materials such as Alloderm and Goretex can be used to create the desired look without any cutting or major surgery. Recovery time is slight and the procedure is much less expensive than traditional surgery. No general anesthesia or operating room is involved. In fact, you can be in and out of most procedures in under an hour.

Side effects from collagen enhancements are rare, but there is always a chance they can occur. Side effects include bruising, swelling and allergic reactions. Some people also have allergic reactions to the local anesthetic used to numb the site. As the materials used are foreign to your body, you should discuss any medications you are taking and things you are allergic to with your plastic surgeon. To avoid reactions, of course, you can always choose to have the material drawn from your own body. Hips and buttocks are the most typical harvesting areas.

With collagen, there is a temptation to shop by price. Don’t! We are talking about modifications to your face. It is strongly suggested that you use a board certified plastic surgeon that can show you before and after pictures of his or her previous patients. This will allow you to understand the possible results and get the best care.