Increase Online Video Technology, Yahoo Acquisition RayV

yahoo_rayv videoBack Yahoo’s acquisition of another company. This time a streaming video company named RayV purchased by the giant companies. Reasons for the acquisition of Yahoo this time is for the sake of improving the online video technology lately amid intensified Yahoo.

RayV is a company that develops software for online video streaming HD quality including the use of mobile devices. RayV established since 2005, with offices based in Los Angeles but the R & D division of the company is operating in Tel Aviv. Should the acquisition is completed, most of the employees will join Yahoo’s R & D center in Israel.

According to PPS Narayan, VP of cloud platforms and services that Yahoo Yahoo wrote in an official blog on Yahoo to focus on building their own video services deliver quality and best-in-class content, and the videos can be streamed either live or on-demand on all platforms. And RayV team will share a passion for innovation and commitment to build a video infrastructure to deliver the best video experience for its users.

Under CEO Marissa Mayer, Yahoo is aggressively to expand video services streamingnya. Even the various steps have been performed, including acquired companies, who were quite supportive measures include hiring Yahoo’s leading media personality Katie Couric. The news that Yahoo began wanting to buy RayV itself has been circulating since last May. The Internet giant is also reportedly keen to embrace other video companies such as Dailymotion, NDN and Fullscreen although there has been no sign of success in the acquisition process.

Despite the certainty of the acquisition was announced, but has not explained whether RayV will continue to operate independently, but in most of the company which was acquired by Yahoo in that leadership Mayer will usually discontinued operations after the technology taken over. RayV own party in a post on his blog stating that they were very excited with the acquisition because Yahoo is already global scale and broad-based content, combined with exceptional leadership and a sense of success possessed Yahoo so that it can create an ideal environment for the team to thrive RayV and pushed to the next level.

Galaxy Apps, Samsung Apps New Apps Store

Samsung Apps has a new look. Samsung’s app store has a fresh interface. Not only that, the name underwent a rebranding becomes more attractive, Galaxy Apps.

In appearance and his new name, Galaxy Apps also have hundreds of new applications. This application among many that are exclusive to the Galaxy.

samsung galaxy appsSamsung split the application into several categories that facilitate the search. The application categories include Best Picks, Top and For Galaxy.

Well, for this category For the Galaxy, divided into four different types of applications that offer the Galaxy Gifts, Galaxy Essentials, Apps for Professionals and Galaxy Specials. The latter application, specifically created using the Samsung SDK.

Samsung says that the Galaxy Apps wants to provide more options for the users to make mobile devices become more personalized. On the other hand, it has also become a platform for promotion and publishing deal. Some analysts believe this move could slightly affect Google Play market, considering Samsung products become the most popular Android devices currently.

Apps Galaxy has been released this week and will be available to all users in the global Samsung.

Just do not deface, This Result is Feared Israeli Hacker

Invasion of hackers who launched the site into Israel intensified. Millions of sites was reported to be victims. However, the action of changing the look of the site (deface) is not true that the Israelis feared.

According to Major-General (res.) Yisrael Yitzchak Ben, Head of the Cyber ​​Center of Tel Aviv University, a lot of people who think that cyber attacks are always talking about data security. Though attacks such models is considered easy to handle, claims Ben.

hack israelInstead, massive attacks that target physical infrastructure is actually far more terrible and unusually severe impact to the nation, including Israel.

“The train system, for example, which is operated by computer. A virus that is injected into the system can cause deadly accidents,” said Ben.

Another example is when Ben mentioned there are reports of attacks on Syrian Electronic Army in 2012. Where was then the hacker group reportedly attacking water system in the northern part of Israel and turn it off.

“We received the report and found that irrigation systems in the region of Haifa is dead,” said Ben.

“But the good news is that a false report. While the bad news, the system is completely dead,” he continued, as he wants to show Israeli concerns related bombings that target physical infrastructure, as reported Thejewishpress

Previously, the data revealed in the International Cyber ​​COnvention at Tel Aviv University revealed that Israel gets 100 thousand daily attacks from cyber Evils. But when crisis situations like this, the frequency of attacks immediately jumped, be up to 1 million times per day.

This occurs as a counter-attack by hackers who condemned Israeli military action in Gaza. Indeed, after the warming of the situation in Gaza, appeared on the internet # OpSaveGaza campaign promoted by anti-Israel hackers.

“Greatest ever campaign against ‘Israhell,’ to expose their terrorist activity to the world,” wrote the hacker.

“Israhell never Existed its only Palestine”. “It’s our home. If you are a hacker, Activist, a Human Rights Organization then hack Israeli websites and expose their crimes to the world, show to the world how much blood is on their hands, the blood of innocent children and women, “said the message of the anti-Israeli hackers.

Later LG TV screen Can Rolled

Curved screen, shaped both television and smartphones, has been on the market since the year 2013 in devices such as the Samsung Galaxy and LG G Flex Round.

Special LG G Flex, in addition to curved, the body is quite flexible. If pressed, G Flex body will be straight, and will bend back a few moments later.

LG G FLex TVIn early 2014, LG has ever spawned a television with similar technology. The degree of curvature of the television screen can be changed, in accordance with the wishes of its owner.

But LG has recently announced that they’ve managed to create a screen that is much more flexible. Screen manifold Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) has the dimensions of 18 inches. Because of rigidities, the screen can be rolled into a tube with a diameter of 3 centimeters.

Panel with a resolution of 1200×810 pixels uses a material called polyamide film for the back. This material plays an important role in improving the flexibility of the panel.

Although currently only a 18 inch screen size, LG claims that it will be able to produce panels with a size of 60 inches in 2017.

“In 2017, we will be able to develop a transparent OLED screen and HD Ultra flexible panels with sizes over 60 inches,” said In-Byung Kang, SVP and Head of R & D LG Display.

Play ‘Flappy Bird’ on Google Glass with Winking

Still remember Flappy Bird? Games that have not circulated it had become very phenomenal some time ago. Now, Flappy Bird try again presented in the Google Glass.

flappybird gamesQuoted from Ubergizmo, is named Nothing Labs developers, the release of the game. Because the glasses are presented in smart, play it was an interesting way, ie with a wink.

Slightly backward review about this game, Flappy Bird made ​​millions of users of Android and iOS avid play. Many users who called Flappy Bird frustrating, but addictive effect for those who play it.

Flappy Bird had a simple game system. On your phone or tablet, users just simply touch the screen to control the bird to fly smoothly past the green pole.

This pole will move up and down. It sounds easy, but when playing it, anyone is guaranteed to be made forcefully and more curious.

The main difficulty, lies on finding the right rhythm to avoid green poles. If you have found any pattern, gamers need ‘stamina’ strong thumb to get the highest score.

Well, very interesting when this game was brought to the Google Glass. Imagine how funny would be friendly blinked repeatedly so that the ugly birds get through the pole.

Canon G1X Mark II: Camera Compact DSLR Sense

First impressions were obtained when holding the Canon PowerShot G1X Mark II is, these devices are not as compact cameras in general. Just look at the weight – 553 grams – heavier than some entry level DSLR.

Indeed, the specification of this camera is quite well. The sensor measures 1.5 inches with a resolution of 13 megapixels. The sensor is only slightly smaller than the APS-C sensor DSLR belong largely, or mirrorless cameras. 6 also features DIGIC processor which ensures a faster transfer of the menu and can reduce shutter lag.

Canon G1X Mark IIThough not an interchangeable lens camera, G1X Mark II has a capable lens. Equivalent to 24-120mm lens with f/2-3.9 aperture. This lens has a minimum focusing distance of approximately 5 cm in macro mode.

G1X Mark II is fairly heavy for a compact camera size. With the small size of the grip, handling the camera with one hand relatively difficult. Most likely the user will need two hands to be able to use the camera comfortably.

To perform a variety of camera settings, in addition to a number of buttons on the top and back of the camera, Canon also offers two lens ring. One of the lens ring has a clicky accent, like a ring to set the aperture on a DSLR lens.

The usefulness of the lens ring varies the user desires. Diaphragm, shutter speed, adjusting the zoom lens, autofocus as well. However, the use of lens ring to adjust the focus is too slow, because the turning radius is too large.

At the top of the camera there are a few buttons, the shutter button, the camera power button and the play button to view the photos. There is also a play button to select a shooting mode. Oh yes, at the bottom of the shutter button there is also a button to adjust the zoom lens.

The back is dominated by a 3-inch LCD with capacitive touchscreen capabilities. It makes the touch screen is very intuitive and easy to use, touch screen in a sort of upper-class smartphones.

With the touch screen, the user can determine the focal point, navigate while viewing a picture, or delete unwanted photos.

This LCD can be rotated 180 degrees to the front-facing camera, it’ll be fun for lovers selfie. In addition to its LCD can be rotated up to 45 degrees down. Unfortunately this feature is not useful when taking pictures in portrait.

LCD is also a window only to see the photos to be taken. This is because Canon does not provide an optical or electronic viewfinder on the G1X Mark II. If users feel needed, available EVF can be purchased optionally, and can be mounted on the camera hotshoe.

In addition, the back of the camera is also there are some buttons with various functions. Among other things, go into manual focus mode, set the autofocus mode, and go into the menu.

But according, the most useful button is the button function set that is in the middle of the play button. This button is a quick access to the camera’s main menu, such as autofocus mode, metering, picture quality options, and so forth.

To turn on the feature WiFi, Canon also gives a special key. Wi-Fi can be used to connect the G1X Mark II to iOS and Android smartphones, both with the help of Canon CameraWindow application available in the App Store and Play Store.

The function of the application in addition to send photos to smartphones, can also perform remote shooting with a smartphone as a controller.